Hyperion Tube

Twice the length, twice the power.

32 Pixels
Wired DMX

After the enormous success of the Titan Tube, Astera has created the double length Hyperion Tube, which measures just over 2 meters and around 80 inches. Double the LEDs, double the batteries, double the brightness, double the pixels and the same high-quality light with App, CRMX and on-tube control and wired DMX option.

Wireless DMX
Titan LED Engine
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Model Comparison


Ø42 mm x 550 mm | Ø1.6” x H21.7”

Ø42 mm x 1035 mm | Ø1.6” x H40.7”

Ø42 mm x 2031 mm | Ø1.6” x 79.9”

LED Engine

Titan LED Engine (RGBMintAmber)

Titan LED Engine (RGBMintAmber)

Titan LED Engine (RGBMintAmber)

Total LED Power

36 W

72 W

144 W

LED Power Draw

24 W

48 W

96 W

Light Output*

1340 lm

2900 lm

5800 lm





CRI(Ra)/TLCI 3200-6500k*




Wired DMX




CRMX Receiver




IP Rating




Mounting accessories

Built-in Battery

Hyperion has a powerful built-in battery. With our “seamless runtime” technology, it can be set to a specific length of time to ensure that your lights won’t run out of battery while still getting the maximum brightness. When displaying white light in maximum brightness, it will last 1 h 45 min.

How to control

How to wire

A data injector with power pass-through which is used to establish a wired DMX connection to Hyperion Tubes. It does not have a built-in power supply but requires one Titan or Hyperion PSU per tube.

Among several other purposes, this cable connects Hyperion Tube to DataLink. Groundbreaking technology enables power and data to both run through a single cable for maximum convenience. If not available, the newer Power/Data Combination Cable with 90° connectors can also be used.

Available in 1.5 m, 5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 200 mm / 5 ft, 15 ft, 30 ft, 45 ft, 8 ft

AC to DC power converter to charge 1 Hyperion Tube or to wire it for a longer installation. Also compatible with Titan and Helios Tube. 1.2 m cable length on AC side, 1.5 m cable length on DC side. 24VDC, 4A.

Add 5 m cable length to your Titan, Helios or Hyperion power supply. Male to female cable.

Available as

Seamless Runtime

To ensure that your light’s batteries last throughout your entire production, you can select how many hours they have to last. This limits the light’s output to a level where you get the maximum brightness to achieve the selected runtime.


Quickly build programs out of colors and effects, trigger them or make them match a beat. Turn multiple programs and lights into scenes.


Detect all available lights, set them up, check their status, configure DMX addresses and DMX profiles.


When enabled, the integrated theft alarm gives visual and audible alarm if lights are being moved. In addition, the AsteraApp also shows the alarm.

Emergency Light

With this innovative feature, the lights can double as a battery-powered emergency light. When activated, the fixture can detect power loss and instantly switches to bright white light to illuminate the venue.

Accessories by DoP Choice

SnapGrid for 1 Hyperion Tube

@mooneyg85 (Anthony Griseta)
@mooneyg85 (Anthony Griseta)
Lichtdesigner Björn Höschler und Pultoperator Tom Herfurth