A data injector used to establish a wired DMX connection to Hyperion Tubes. It is also useful for Titan Tube and Helios Tube if no Titan PowerBox is available or to work with multiple DMX universes on one PowerBox. Unlike the PowerBox it does not have a built-in power supply but requires one Titan or Hyperion PSU per tube.

Connecting Power + Data

DataLink contains 4 DC in and 4 DC out sockets for power pass-through. To add data, 2 XLR sockets are placed on the ends of the product and a RJ45 socket is available to add Artnet or sACN.

DataLink does not contain a power supply so power has to be added via the 4 DC input sockets (1 for each connected tube). Once DMX, Artnet or sACN data is added, up to 4 tubes or other supported lights can be connected.

One of DataLink’s features is to add an additional DMX universe to a Titan PowerBox. This can be done by connecting it via Titan Power/Data Combination Cables to the PowerBox, adding data and connecting up to 4 Tubes.

Recommended to connect tubes to DataLink with the 135° connector. The cable is available in 3 lengths (5m, 10m, 15m (15 ft, 30 ft, 45 ft) and can deliver power and data at the same time.

Recommended to connect HydraPanel or PixelBrick with DataLink. The 90° connector allows a IP65 connection so that lights can be wired outdoors (DataLink will not be IP65). The cable is available in 4 lengths (5m, 10m, 15m, 200mm (15’, 30’, 45’, 8") and can deliver power and data at the same time.

Suitable Power Supply

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