More than 10 years ago, we realized that transporting truckloads of cables to and from events as well as laying them out and packing them is a messy and time-consuming job.

So we developed a wireless lighting system to make your event setup faster and easier to manage.

We did this by integrating rechargeable batteries in our lights and by developing a powerful remote control system. This system not only helps you to save time and enable clean setups but also allows you to become more creative by quickly moving lights around and to places without electricity.

Our lights are designed to be flexible and work for a range of usages. Spotlights can be used to wash walls, lights can be used indoors and outdoors and work wirelessly as well as when hardwired for bigger or longer events.


Astera employs more than 100 people and has created a multi-cultural environment with employees from all parts of the world.

Here are the people that represent Astera to the outside world at exhibitions, via phone and email:

Norbert Ernst

Norbert Ernst

Founder of Astera

and responsible for custom solutions.

Simon Canins

Simon Canins

Head of development,

technical service and product management.

Sebastian Bückle

Sebastian Bückle

Marketing, business development

and product management.

David Ganske

David Ganske

Takes care of sales and logistics

for most distributors.

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