Astera Academy

For all of you who want to learn more about Astera software and hardware we have launched the Astera Academy. New products and features will be introduced with Webinars, existing ones are covered in the Tutorials below.

Upcoming Webinar

July 27: The New AX9 PowerPAR

The AX9 utilizes the AX5’s successful 3-in-1 concept which allows it to be used as wireless light and elegant uplight as well as a wired PAR light for longer or bigger installations. This makes it an extremely cost-efficient light and keeps your investment to a minimum. The AX9 packs extreme brightness in a compact and light housing while still giving you industry-leading colors and white tones thanks to its Titan LED Engine.


Getting started with the AsteraApp

Scenes Tutorial

Layered Effects

Other Tutorial Videos

PixelBrick Product Walkthrough

AX2 PixelBar Walkthrough

Master PIN Tutorial

NYX Bulb as Transmitter

AsteraBox as receiver

Give and Take Control

The new NYX Bulb

Brightness Control 

Tips, Tricks and less well known AsteraApp features

The new SNAPBAG Intensifyer

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