W-DMX CRMX transmitter receiver

The PowerBox can charge Helios and Titan Tubes inside their respective case. When taken out of the case they can also be used to hard-wire tubes for a longer usage. In addition, the PowerBox can add DMX, Artnet and sACN data to your tubes. Power and Data can both run over special cables so only 1 cable is needed to connect a tube to the PowerBox.

PowerBox is compatible with:

Helios Tube Wireless film light

Helios Tube

Titan Tube Film Lighting

Titan Tube

Technical specifications


  • Input Voltage: 90~250 VAC
  • Current: 4.4A@115VAC, 3A@230VAC
  • Output Voltage: 10 x 24VDC
  • Output Current: 10 x 2A
  • Power in: Via Powercon True1
  • Power out: Via Powercon True1


  • Data Input by:


–  Art-Net (1 Universe)

–  sACN (1 Universe)

IP Address can be selected between 2.x, 10.x and DHCP.

Universe ID can be set by web-interface or pushbutton (by button only 1-16).

  • Output Data: DMX via DC sockets
  • Wireless Data: n/a
  • Data Sockets: 5-pin XLR in+out, RJ45 input


  • Housing: Aluminium
  •  IP Rating: IP20
  • Operating Temperature: 0-40 ˚C | 32-104 ˚F
  • Weight: 3.8kg | 8.37lbs
  • Dimensions: 321 x 125 x 90.7mm | 12.63 x 4.92 x 3.57 inches
  • Environment: Indoor
Firmware change Logs


Indication: two blue flashes on power-up

Jan 17th, 2020

– Fixed: DMX XLR input lost frames when used with certain desks like Avolites Quatz
– Fixed: DMX XLR input dropped too many frames if the framerate of the source was too high
– Fixed: DMX XLR input did not work with some very basic fader desks
– Improved: ArtNet broadcasts can now be handled up to 24 universes in most cases


Indication: none

Jan 16th, 2019

– Added: universe number can be set with the button: hold it until the LED starts blinking


Indication: none

Oct 17th, 2018

Initial version


Powercon True1 AC Cable

Short DC Cable


Power/Data combination cable


Powercon True1 in + out

XLR in + out and RJ45 input

(for Artnet + sACN)  

10 x output for DC power + DMX data

5/8” thread for hanging via Astera Babypin and superclamp 

Power+data extension cable

Connect tubes via 5/10/15m power/data combination cable 

AC to DC converter built in

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