NYX Bulb

Light bulb for filmmakers and event professionals


The first color-tunable LED bulb for professional film, stage and event productions. Not bigger than a normal LED bulb, it contains a CRMX receiver as well as RF and Bluetooth modules for the AsteraApp. It can be powered via lamp socket or with a standard power bank and thanks to its Titan LED engine it displays precise colors and white tones with ultra-high CRI and TLCI. Available in white and black.

Wireless DMX
Titan LED EngineBluetoothBridge

Dual power input

AC Power

NYX Bulb can be screwed in and powered by lamp sockets just like any other light bulb. To comply with international standards it is available in 3 different versions: E26, E27 & B22.

DC Power

On the NYX Bulbs’s side we have included a DC socket for 5~18VDC power so it can be used whenever AC power is not available. The Astera PowerStation as well as a standard power bank can be used to power a bulb for several hours. Also available is an adapter cable for D-tap batteries.

How to control

Available as

NYX Bulb Black Edition

Designed to be discrete

The black NYX Bulb is designed to blend into dark environments, e.g. when used on stages and ceilings. Brightness and features are just like its white sibling.

Credits LD: @Jacek Chojczak
@Green Beam Design Photo: @Oskar Kutryb @CutRB

Optional accessory to get the most out of your NYX Bulbs.

Use PowerStation as a external battery to power a NYX Bulb for several hours.

PowerStation works like an external display and control panel for NYX Bulbs. You can set colors, brightness, runtime, DMX addresses and more. After being disconnected, the bulb will remember its setting so that it can be used without PowerBox.

PowerStation enables your NYX Bulb to be mounted anywhere:

• Add grips via Airline Tracks
• Suspend via PowerStation Hanger
• Attach to metal via backside magnets

D-Tap Split Cable

Set up your NYX Bulb anywhere you want with this super-useful accessory. Up to 8 bulbs can be powered from one 14.4V V-mount battery with D-tap socket via the 1.5m long cables.


CupBouncer is a beam modification accessory. It attaches via suction cup to the NYX Bulb and reflects light back towards the base of the light. This means that you can illuminate lamp shades more evenly without a hot spot on top.

SnapBag for NYX Bulb

SnapBag for NYX Bulb allows you to control the wide spread beam and soften it even more with the included grid cloth


Quickly build programs out of colors and effects, trigger them or make them match a beat. Turn multiple programs and lights into scenes.


Detect all available lights, set them up, check their status, configure DMX addresses and DMX profiles.

Seamless Runtime

Like other Astera lights, NYX Bulb supports Seamless Runtime which limits the power output and increases battery runtime. Seamless Runtime is calibrated to work with PowerStation, when you set it to 20h, this is how long the battery will last.

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