Battery Pack & External Display

Battery Pack
External Display

Connect the integrated cable to your NYX Bulb’s DC connector to power it up. While connected, the Power Station acts as a remote display to program DMX addresses and settings, which the bulb will store in its memory. It can also set colors, effects, brightness etc. which the bulb will continue to display when in a powered lamp socket or connected to a power bank. Apart from its backside magnets, the Power Station features an airline track to attach mounting accessories such as TrackPin and Single Stud Ring.

Features & Accessories

Use PowerStation as a external battery to power a NYX Bulb for several hours.

PowerStation works like an external display and control panel for NYX Bulbs. You can set colors, brightness, runtime, DMX addresses and more. After being disconnected, the bulb will remember its setting so that it can be used without PowerBox.

PowerStation enables your NYX Bulb to be mounted anywhere:

• Add grips via Airline Tracks
• Suspend via PowerStation Hanger
• Attach to metal via backside magnets

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