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Looks like a traditional bulb, works like a professional luminaire. Designed to meet filmmakers’ requirements for practicals on camera and to discover endless creative possibilities without disrupting event planners’ workflow. From delivering perfect skin tones and the same controls as any other wireless DMX fixture to intimate gatherings to grand events, LunaBulb offers intuitive control via your smart device, remote, or console. Let your creativity shine wherever there’s a lamp socket.

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One Bulb, Two Shapes

Thanks to the LunaBulb’s classic look, your lighting blends seamlessly into any setting. It offers the familiar look and feel of a classic, frosted incandescent bulb or a bright and thin hotspot, while performingwith the same efficiency amd power of a professional full-color luminaire.

Matches any Color

Equipped with the revolutionary Titan LED Engine, the LunaBulb has a wide color temperature range and excellent color rendition to maximize flexibility and precision when mixing different light sources. Each bulb is calibrated during the manufacturing process to match the needs of advanced camera sensors.

Smooth Dimming

Having flicker-free, in-sync output regulation and an impressive color consistency for the whole dimming range. LunaBulb qualifies both for subtle practical lighting and complex mapping effects. Unlike classic Tungsten alternatives. LunaBulb does not change the color temperature while dimming down.

Prepping made easy

Fast setup and configuration, no matter which method you choose

Save your time with battery-powered PrepCase

Time is always of the essence. With the PrepCase having a built-in battery, you don’t need to worry about when and where you prep your LunaBulbs, because that can be done anytime whether it’s for Standalone, App or DMX control. One display can rule them all.

We developed the PrepCase with a built-in battery with the purpose of saving time and effort no matter where you are. The PrepCase fully charged will run around 1 hour, when the LunaBulbs is set to 4000K and MAX brightness. You can always hardwire the PrepCase if needed.

Prepare your color temperature, color, or brightness level settings directly in the case, without the need of AC sockets nor App pairing. The interface is so easy that any freelancer can operate it without training. If you want to control via DMX, then you can decide which DMX address you want to start with and all LunaBulbs in the case will receive the same or subsequent DMX addresses.

The units will remember the settings to maximize speed and control.

With two button presses, you can have all 8 LunaBulbs in BlueMode, being ready to be paired with the AsteraApp. We added a BlueMode button in the PrepCase to speed up the process when the desire is to control the LunaBulbs with the AsteraApp.

We developed the PrepCase with the BTB function. When prepping your LunaBulbs you will now always have Bluetooth Bridge nearby, which gives you the option to have the PrepCase act as an AsteraBox. Pair your lights to the AsteraApp, make the needed changes and you are all set.

How to Control

LunaBulb includes LumenRadio’s wireless DMX and RDM, ensuring seamless integration with lighting consoles and other standard controllers. The DMX patch is extremely easy to configure: assign profiles, starting addresses and fixture numbers in no time via the PrepCase or the AsteraApp.

Take command of your Astera lights! The AsteraApp offers full control over LunaBulbs and other Astera fixtures in the same smart ecosystem, while offering setup features and real-time monitoring

The WhiteRemote is not only a really useful tool to apply different color temperatures and dimming values, but also a simple and easy alternative to pair LunaBuls with the AsteraApp when the PrepCase is not available.

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