Mount anywhere, Light anything

6 Pixels
Wired DMX

Beam shaping with six included light modifiers and a large range of mounting options make HydraPanel more flexible than any other product in its class. The full-spectrum Titan LED Engine generates an impressive 1300 Lumen output while running on battery power.

Wireless DMX
Titan LED EngineBluetoothBridge



Snap on the 6 included light modifiers via their magnetic corners to adjust the beam from 40° to 100.

Gives a soft light with about 100° beam without increasing its height. Useful for lighting up people.

Enables an even softer light with 100° beam by distancing the filter from the HydraPanel. This one is useful when mounting HydraPanel on a camera, to build structures on stages and creates good shadows.

Creates a more narrow beam with 80° for a longer throw and close ups where you need more light. The Intensifier 80 contains magnets on its top, so that the 2 Egg Crates can be added.

Cuts off spill light around the beam and avoids glare. Results in 40° beam.

Cuts off spill light around the beam and avoids glare. Results in 60° beam.

A transparent sheet which can hold a filter gel in place.

DOP Choice offers a SnapBag with Magic Cloth and Half Grid Cloth as accessory for HydraPanel.

How to control


How to wire

The most convenient way to power up to 8 HydraPanel for a longer installation. Also allows wired data transfer from DMX, Artnet and sACN sources.

Alternatively, Titan PowerBox is compatible with HydraPanel.

Connects PixelBrick and HydraPanel to the PowerBox. Groundbreaking technology enables power and data to both run through a single cable for maximum convenience. Available in 3 lengths.

Alternatively, Titan Power/Data Combination cables are compatible but do not allow an IP65 connection.

Available in 1.5 m, 5 m, 10 m, 15 m, 200 mm / 5 ft, 15 ft, 30 ft, 45 ft, 8 ft

An alternative way to add data if no PowerBox is available. DataLink does not have a built-in power supply so it requires an external power supply.

AC to DC power converter to charge one light or to power it for a longer installation. Originally introduced for Titan Tubes, it is compatible with several other lights including HydraPanel.

Add 5m cable length to your power supply. Male to female cable.

Combine Panels

Attach up to 4 Hydra Panels to each other with the included ConnectorPlate and mount this 0.5 x 1 foot panel with the included Babypin.

Our SyncControl technology lets connected panels communicate with each other. Color or brightness settings from any of the control panels affect all connected lights.

6 Pixels

Get creative and display pixelated effects on your HydraPanel. For filming we have preinstalled effects such as Police, Fire, Welding etc which can be customized to your needs. When several panels are connected, effects can stretch over multiple units.


TouchSlider makes it faster and easier to input values. It can be used to input Color, Brightness, DMX address and Fixture Number and only gets activated when you press the respective button or go to the respective point in the menu.

It can be operated by swiping over its surface or by clicking onto the + and – buttons. Tapping in the middle of the slider means ENTER and confirms values.

Seamless Runtime

To ensure that your light’s batteries last throughout your entire production, you can select how many hours they have to last. This limits the light’s output to a level where you get the maximum brightness to achieve the selected runtime.


Quickly build programs out of colors and effects, trigger them or make them match a beat. Turn multiple programs and lights into scenes.


Detect all available lights, set them up, check their status, configure DMX addresses and DMX profiles.


When enabled, the integrated theft alarm gives visual and audible alarm if lights are being moved. In addition, the AsteraApp also shows the alarm.

Emergency Light

With this innovative feature, the lights can double as a battery-powered emergency light. When activated, the fixture can detect power loss and instantly switches to bright white light to illuminate the venue.

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