Fresnels made Portable

Wired DMX
250W (1000W Tungsten equivalent)

Astera’s LeoFresnel is as an exceptional solution for film, studio, and event lighting. LeoFresnel boasts an impressive output comparable to a traditional 1000W Tungsten Fresnel. With a beam angle of 15° to 60° without color fringing, wireless and wired DMX control, these lights offer impressive performance while consuming only 250 W. Easy to mount and adjust with removable handles and YokeBases, they enhance creativity and productivity on any set.

Wireless DMX
Titan LED EngineBluetoothBridge

Built-in Battery

2 hours on MAX Runtime

Unlike traditional Fresnels, this light has a built-in battery that lasts 2 hours displaying white colors on MAX Brightness. When a longer operation is needed, you can set the Seamless Runtime setting up to 20 hours. For longer installations, LeoFresnel can be connected to AC power via Powercon in+out sockets.

With RuntimeExtender

For a longer operational time, one or two RuntimeExtender’s with V-Mount or Gold Mount battery can be connected. With one 14.4V battery, the light can be operated on reduced power. A single 26V battery or two 14.4V batteries allow full power output.

When external batteries are connected, you can select if the light uses the internal or external battery first. This can be set directly on the lights display or via the AsteraApp.

This next generation Fresnel lens works in conjunction with a light pipe that is built into the fixture. It creates an even beam with steep fall-off and no chromatic aberration or color fringing. The manual zoom ranges from 15° – 60° and allows it to be opearated as spotlight, washlight and anything in between.

Included with each light is a eight-leave Barndoor. Its specific design leads to ultra-clean cuts; the edges stay razor sharp when shaping your beam.

For additional versatility, the Fresnel lens can be slid out after opening its lock. This gives you a wider beam with even crisper shadows.

Coming late 2024

A custom-built projection lens with 16°-36° zoom, manual focus and 4 shutters. Turn your LeoFresnel into a profile that also allows you to insert B size Gobos.

With each LeoFresnel we ship a Rabbit Rounder Adapter which means that universal DOP Choice products for Rabbit-Rounder such as Octa 3, Lantern M and Snapbag M can be attached to the light.

Model Comparison

Order code



LED Power Draw

80 W

250 W

Equivalent to

300W Tungsten

1000W Tungsten

Runtime on MAX

3 h

2 h

External Battery Input

24 VDC

14.4 VDC (reduced output), 26 VDC

Wired DMX:

Yes (via FP3-DTL / PWB-2-86)

Yes (5-pin XLR)

Easy Mounting

Detach your light within seconds from its Yoke to allow handheld operation.

The YokeBase attaches to the light’s side via airline tracks. Move position if you want to change the light’s balance or remove it altogether.

Our TrackHandle can be inserted into the light’s airline track to carry it around or adjust its position during operation. It can be removed whenever it isn’t needed.

We have included our popular Airline Tracks on each of the 4 sides. This is where you can attach the YokeBase as well as other Astera accessories such as TrackHandle, TrackPin etc.

With each light we ship a standard TVMP Adapter that is intended to be connected to the light’s Yoke so it can be attached to stands and grips.

The light’s Yoke contains two mounting points for Astera’s RuntimeExtender. This allows you to attach one or two external batteries.

LeoFresnel ships with

Available as

How to control

Controllable Fan

Adjustable Fan Speed

Super silent fan that can be set to 3 fixed speeds and can also be turned off completely. The light does not immediately adjust its power level, instead it monitors its temperature and only turns down brightness if it overheats. This enables you to shoot for a short time in complete silence. 



With its scrambled PWM technology, lights with Titan LED Engine will not cause flickering when filming with standard frame rates. Recordings with high-speed cameras are possible but might not work under all conditions. Test before you shoot.

Green/Magenta Correction

To reduce post-production work, Titan LED Engine enables Green/Magenta correction from 0-100 in steps of 1%.


Quickly build programs out of colors and effects, trigger them or make them match a beat. Turn multiple programs and lights into scenes.


Detect all available lights, set them up, check their status, configure DMX addresses and DMX profiles.

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