AX3 LightDrop

Battery-powered LED puck.


The AX3 is a battery operated, easy to use IP65 RGBW puck aimed at stage lighting and corporate events. It can be used as uplight as well as hanging or standing spotlight and inside translucent objects, truss, etc. It is extremely compact and yet offers a high brightness paired with long battery runtime and range.

Wireless DMX

Features & Accessories

AX3 ships with a multi-functional bracket. A stand can be unfolded and it contains a 3/8" thread for accessories like the compatible AX5 Bolt.

One of the AX3’s most popular features is its magnetic underside which allows it to be attached to metal surfaces. Make sure to secure it with an eyebolt when hanging it overhead.

Filters for different beam angles (flood, elliptic, etc) can easily be inserted.

Create a wide-angle soft light or add a 120° filter to create a evenly illuminated pixel dome.

Use the AX5 Domes (15cm/25cm) put the AX3 inside and create a decorative object.

Available as

Seamless Runtime

To ensure that your light’s batteries last throughout your entire production, you can select how many hours they have to last. This limits the light’s output to a level where you get the maximum brightness to achieve the selected runtime.


Via the AsteraApp the PWM frequency of the LEDs can be adjusted to ensure that there is no interference with standard cameras. In addition, the light has a green/magenta balance to minimize post-production work.

Emergency Light

With this innovative feature, the lights can double as a battery-powered emergency light. When activated, the fixture can detect power loss and instantly switches to bright white light to illuminate the venue.


When enabled, the integrated theft alarm gives visual and audible alarm if lights are being moved. In addition, the AsteraApp also shows the alarm.


Detect all available lights, set them up, check their status, configure DMX addresses and DMX profiles.


Quickly build programs out of colors and effects, trigger them or make them match a beat.

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