Next Generation Event Lights - 100% Wireless!

How does Astera lead the industry?

Revolutionary Products

Astera develops and manufactures the brightest and most compact wireless spotlights on the market. All of our fixtures come with creative accessories, modern features, sturdy materials and IP65 waterproof housings.

Easy Control

All lights can be controlled by a simple-yet-powerful AsteraApp™ (available on Google Play) that lets you create and send complex effects and settings without having to set DMX addresses and sliders. Other controllers include a quick-to-use infrared controller and CRMX Wireless DMX.

High-end Components

Astera uses the highest quality components such as Cree LEDs, Philips LumiLEDs, SAMSUNG batteries, Neutrik connectors, and CRMX Wireless DMX modules from LumenRadio.

Advanced Technology

A comprehensive control system designed for professional event companies for every eventuality. Our industry-leading color mixing and calibration system complements all styles and designs, and our Dynamic Power-boost, Theft Alarm, and Seamless Runtime features help to keep our customers at the forefront of event lighting technology.

Our Partners