What is Bluemode?

BlueMode is how we pair the lights to the AsteraApp.

In order to put a light in BlueMode, you first power it on, then you press and hold the power button for approximately 3 seconds until the lights starts to flash blue.

Before we do that though, there is a couple of other things we must do.

First connect the app on your phone or tablet to either an AsteraBox or a BTB light to use the BTB light as a Bluetooth Bridge. For instructions on doing that, please have a look at this video here:

Set personal RadioPin

Once you have successfully paired the app to your AsteraBox or BTB light, make sure you set your personal RadioPin in the app. You should never use the default 0000. Also make sure you have selected the correct RF Region for your location in the app.

Now pair the light

Put your lights in BlueMode and press the Pair with Lights button in the app, followed by OK on the Pop-up.

Once the lights stop flashing, they are paired, and you can press the “Done” button. Occasionally, not all the lights will pair before the process is done in the app. If this happens, just press Pair with Lights again.

What does BlueMode do?

BlueMode does two things. First it transfers the RadioPin from the AsteraApp to the lights. This is the pin that links the lights and the app together. The AsteraBox or BTB light is just a “bridge” that facilitates the communication between the AsteraApp and the Lights. The lights are NOT paired to the AsteraBox or BTB light.

On the lights with a display, you can now go to the Info Menu and see the RadioPin has been transferred. This is why you should never use the default 0000 RadioPin. If someone else is within RF range and use the same pin, the lights will be communicating with two different AsteraApp’s and it will cause complications and dropouts in the same way as if you are sending DMX from two separate lighting consoles to one light.

The second thing BlueMode does, is to transfer the RF Region to the lights. Different RF regions communicate on different frequencies.

It is possible to set the RadioPin manually in the lights with a display. But if the lights have been reset, the RF region has been deleted from memory and in this case, the lights will not show up in the app even if they do have the same RadioPin. This is why you should always use BlueMode to Pair the lights to the AsteraApp.

If you have paired the lights to the app using BlueMode and you can control them, but they do not show up in the fixture list, check the App Settings and make sure the TalkBack+ Toggle Switch is toggled ON.