Charging Case for PixelBrick

Charging Case for PixelBrick

Durable protective case with wheels and retractable handle for 8 PixelBricks and essential accessories. With the included PowerBox you can charge your lights in the case to get them ready for their next job. For longer installations, the PowerBox can be taken out of the case to supply power and data via the optionally available Power/Data Combination Cables.

Technical Specifications

Order Code



100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 1 A, 200 W

Input Current

1.8 A/115 VAC ,1 A/230 VAC


24 V

Output Connectors

2x DC Barrel 5.5/2.1mm

Power IN/Power OUT

via PowerCON TRUE1

Dimensions (L x W x D)

541.5 mm x 400 mm x 205.5 mm / 21.3" x 17.44" x 8.1"

Weight empty

6.8 kg / 15 lbs

Weight full

16.3 kg / 36 lbs



Included with the case

1x PowerBox (PWB-2-86)


1x PowerCON TRUE1 Cable


Can Hold in addition

8x PB15 PixelBrick (PB15)

Not Included

8x BrickConnect (PB15-BCN)

Not Included

8x 17° BeamSoftener (PB15-BMO)

Not Included

8x 30° FloodFilter (PB15-FF)

Not Included


Datasheet PB15 CHRCSE Charging Case For PixelBrick

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