Charging Case for HydraPanel

Charging Case for 4 HydraPanel

Sturdy plastic case to charge and carry 4 HydraPanels with beam modifiers and mounting accessories. Charging contacts are included, just insert the lights and connect the included power supply to charge the lights in the case.

Technical Specifications

Order Code



Polymer & Metal

Dimensions (L x W x D)

415 mm x 335 mm x 183.6 mm / 16.34" x 13.19" x 7.23"

Weight empty

3.9 kg / 8.6 lbs

Weight full

8.1 Kg / 17.9 lbs

Included with the case

1x Power Supply for Hyperion Tube (FP3-CHR)


3x 200mm Power/Data Cable (PWB-CAB-0.2)


Can Hold

4x HydraPanel (FP6)

Not Included

4x FlexBase (FP6-FB)

Not Included

3x ConnectorPlate (FP6-CP)

Not Included

4x BabyPin 1/4“ (AX-BBP-1/4)

Not Included

4x SoftFrame 100 (FP6-SF-100)

Not Included

4x Intensifier 80 (FP6-INT-80)

Not Included

4x EggCrate 40 (FP6-EGC-40)

Not Included

4x EggCrate 60 (FP6-EGC-60)

Not Included

4x DiffusorSheet 100 (FP6-DS-100)

Not Included

4x GelHolder (FP6-GH)

Not Included


HydraPanel Charging Case For 4 HydraPanel Datasheet

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