Accessory Case for PixelBrick

Sturdy plastic case with wheels and retraceable handle to carry additional beam modifiers, grips and cables to install and wire 8 PixelBricks.

Technical Specifications

Order Code


Dimensions (L x W x D)

541.5 mm x 400 mm x 205.5 mm / 21.3" x 17.44" x 8.1"

Weight empty

7 kg / 15.4 lbs

Weight full

13.3 kg / 29.3 lbs



Can Hold

10x BrickMount (PB15-BMO)

Not Included

4x TrackPin (AX-TP)

Not Included

6x 200mm Power/Data cable (PWB-CAB-0.2)

Not Included

2x 5m Power/Data cable (PWB-CAB-5)

Not Included

8x BrickDome (PB15-BDM)

Not Included

8x BrickHinge (PB15-BHI)

Not Included

8x BrickTilt (PB15-BTLT)

Not Included

8x EyeBolt (FP1-EBLT)

Not Included

Arrangement of layers


PB15 ACCCSE Accessory Case For PixelBrick Datasheet