SNAPBAG for 3 Helios Tubes

Артикул: SBAAT22

SNAPBAG created by DoP Choice for up to 3 Helios Tubes.

Made to give filmmakers maximum control of their lighting, the benefits of these premiere, groundbreaking softboxes include, intensified output, adjustable beam spread, simplified pack-up, and the easy track mounting system.

Included with the SNAPBAG are Diffusion cloth, TrackPin (for installing), carry bag.

Доступные аксессуары:


В комплекте

Сетчатая ткань Half Grid для SBAAT22 (SBAAT-SH)

Не входит в комплект

40° Astera 2′ x 2′ (SGAT22W40)

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Подходит для:

Helios Tube

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