SNAPBAG for 1 Helios Tube

Артикул: SBAAT21

SNAPBAG created by DoP Choice for Helios Tube.

Made to give filmmakers maximum control of their lighting, the benefits of these premiere, groundbreaking softboxes include, intensified output, adjustable beam spread, simplified pack-up, and the easy track mounting system— together the SNAPBAG and tube are extremely lightweight.

Included with the SNAPBAG are Diffusion cloth, TrackPin (for installing), carry bag.

Доступные аксессуары:


В комплекте

Сетчатая ткань Half Grid для SBAAT21 (SBAAT21-SH)

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Сетчатая ткань Quarter Grid для SBAAT21 (SBAAT21-SQ)

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40° Astera 2′ x 1′ (SGAT21W40)

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Подходит для:

Helios Tube

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