Astera Christmas news

Growing together

And so, another year comes to a close. And what a year it has been! The end of the year provides the perfect time to reflect on our progress and make a tangible list of all the things – big and small – that we’ve achieved as a team this year. It’s quite incredible to look back and see how much we’ve grown over the space of this past year. Three particular elements stand out to us:

Growth of our product range

There have been two major additions to our product range this year, and we couldn’t be more proud of them. The first is the HydraPanel, our first panel light. Using a full-spectrum Titan LED Engine to generate an impressive 1300 Lumen output while running on battery power, the HydraPanel maintains Astera’s philosophy of product development: namely, the application of leading-edge technologies and innovation to deliver the best and most flexible creative solutions, in a way that is – most crucially – usable, flexible and reliable. In addition to that, we also launched our RuntimeExtender. By creating a battery plate that allows for gaffers and event lighting techs to use their existing camera batteries to extend the runtime of their Astera lights, we’ve extended the duration that our core range can be run for.

Growth of our market base

As the world has re-opened to in-person events, we’re seeing geographical markets that were once too small for us to forge distributor links with now grow into markets with real potential! We’re excited to reach into these markets, and the local expertise and personal care that our distributors can give to our customers will be key to this – giving end-users a hands-on, tangible understanding of how easy-to-use, robust and solution-orientated our products are.

Growth of our team

Our team has grown this year, with new members bringing new creativity and energy to the offices. And with the growth of our market base, we’ve also extended our distributor partnerships significantly. We’re really looking forward to developing meaningful, productive relationships with these new partners, built on respect, trust, a shared vision, and a win-win-win (customer-distributor-Astera) approach to business!

Looking back to look forward, together

We attended more the 30 tradeshows this year, and with each one the buzz on our stand became more and more obvious. Astera has become a significant name in film and events lighting – and we’re only set to get bigger! Our 2023 schedule will include many shows that will support the increasing recognition of our name in the market. LINK
Seeing all that we’ve achieved in the last year written down on the page only inspires us to think about all the things we’ll be achieving in the year ahead. We plan to build upon the huge achievements we’ve made this year; reaching more professionals in more markets, extending our product range even further, and becoming the go-to brand for event and film lighting. To achieve this, we’ll need to broaden our distributor network, whilst deepening the connection we maintain with our existing distributors. At Christmas, it’s a time to express gratitude. A big THANK to our customers for choosing and supporting our innovative solutions. We are also incredible grateful for the hard work our team and partners have put in, and share with them great enthusiasm for the year ahead! We wish you a very Merry Christmas, and a prosperous New Year.