Filling a gap in the LED-based Fresnel Lighting market

A radiant end of the month that for the Astera team culminates with the launch of our new Fresnel series of lights: the compact PlutoFresnel and the larger LeoFresnel. Both offerings serve to plug a significant gap in the market, namely, the current lack of effective LED-based Fresnel lighting. By developing LED lights specifically for integration with a Fresnel lens, Astera aims to provide all of the benefits of LED – including lower power draw, higher output strength, precise colour control, lightweight profile and full installation/application flexibility – whilst still providing lighting technicians with the specific creative qualities associated with Fresnel lighting, particularly in relation to portrait work and the replication of daylight settings.

Quality and Power

The Astera LED Fresnel range aims to provide exceptional quality and power in the lighting it delivers. In terms of power consumption to output ratio, the PlutoFresnel achieves the equivalent of a 300W Tungsten Fresnel while drawing only 80W, whilst the LeoFresnel achieves an equivalent output of 1000W, using only 250W. Both lights are able to maintain a Beam Angle between 15° and 60° with no colour fringing, meaning that the lights can be used flexibly in a range of creative contexts – from on-stage lighting to film and documentary work. The Fresnel lens can also be removed, allowing the LED base to be used in a range of even more diverse applications.


Designed under the mantra ‘Fresnels made portable’, the unyoked weight of the Pluto and Leo are just 4.5 and 14kg respectively, meaning that they can be easily transported and installed in a range of contexts that would be more challenging for conventional Tungsten Fresnels. They also represent the first Fresnel light on the market with built-in battery (giving two and three hours of maximum brightness runtime respectively), which itself can be combined with the Astera RuntimeExtender and Astera’s Seamless Runtime technology to even further maximise usage duration, making the lights ideal for locations where power access is limited. When combined with a range of mounting options – including a quick-release, detachable YokeBase, removable handle and Airline Track mounting – lighting professionals are granted full creative potential, both in terms of physical logistics and technical control.

Where can you see the new Fresnel Range?

We’ll be showcasing our new Fresnel series of lights at the coming shows (Cinegear, Broadcast Asia, Infocomm and Euro Cine Expo) across the world. Check out our agenda and meet us wherever you want and whenever you can.