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The power box can directly charge Helios and Titan series lamps in the charging box. After taking it out, it can still be used directly on the lamp to charge, so as to extend the use time of the lamp. In addition, PowerBox can also add DMX, Artnet and sACN data to your tube. Both power and data can be run through special cables, so only one cable is needed to connect the lamp to the power box.

PowerBox is compatible with the following devices:

Helios Tube Wireless film light

Helios Tube

Titan Tube Film Lighting

Titan Tube

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Technical Specifications


  • Input voltage: 90~250 VAC
  • Input current: 4.4A@115VAC, 3A@230VAC
  • Output voltage: 10 x 24VDC
  • Output current: 10 x 2A
  • Power on: through powercon True1
  • Power off: through Powercon True1


  • Data input method: XLR-DMX-Art-Net (1 universal interface) -sACN (1 universal interface) The IP address can be selected between 2.x, 10.x and DHCP. Universe ID can be set through the web interface or buttons (only buttons 1-16). Output data: DMX
    wireless data via DC socket : n/a
    Data socket: 5-pin XLR input + output, RJ45 input


  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Protection level: IP20
  • Working temperature: 0-40˚C| 32-104˚Fahrenheit
  • Weight: 3.8kg | 8.37 pounds
  • Dimensions: 321 x 125 x 90.7mm | 12.63 x 4.92 x 3.57 inches
  • Use environment: indoor

firmware release notes

Powercon True1 AC Cable

Short DC cable


Power/data combination cable


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Powercon True1 input + output

XLR input + output and RJ45 input (for Artnet + sACN)

10 x output DC power supply + DMX data

5/8 inch thread, can be suspended by Astera Babypin and Eagle Claw

Power+data extension cable

Connect the lamp via 5/10/15m power/data combination cable

Built-in AC to DC converter

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