Layer effects

Understanding the newest feature of the AsteraApp

It is now easier than ever to control pixels of your Astera lights and create complex effects. See what you have sent to them and change effect and brightness on the fly.

Visually build a bar of pixels that will be displayed live on your tube.

Move the bar with your finger, the tube will respond.

Start motion, the bar will move along the tube and return from the other side.

Virtually lengthen your tube by adding post delay for a perfect process effect.

The bar cannot only show a static color, most of our well-known effects can be applied. We have also created shortcuts to quickly do things like police car, fireworks, paparazzi etc.

We call it layer effects because you can not only create one bar, instead up to eight can be added on top of each other, each with a different size, speed, position and effect.

Download AsteraApp now

Layer Effects features are available from AsteraApp V11 and later.

You can download it for free on your iOS and Android Platform with the links below.

Google play Store

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