• AL1 PixelTube

  • AL3-S Lightdrop™

  • AL3-M Lightdrop™

  • AL6 Wireless Wallwasher

  • AL7-L Spotlight

  • AL7-XL Water-resistant Spotlight

  • AL7-XXL Water-resistant Spotlight

  • ARC2 RF Remote Controller

  • ART3 Wireless DMX Transmitter

    • “I love the new AX3 Lightdrops”

      Elliot Matthews
      Thomas's London Day Schools

    • "We received the goods and my team is very pleased with using the AX3 Lightdrops! Thank you. I know that they are in everyday use, and my customers are very satisfied."

      Leho Valmas
      funTIME showservice

    • "Astera rules! They are producing great products and thanks again for lighting up our events with your awesome products!"

      Martin James
      Alaska Professional Entertainment

    • "The Astera lights are exceptional and all other producers of wireless lights pale in comparison. They helped position my company as the most innovative in event decoration"

      Filip Hamerla
      Eventroom Poland

    • "The AX3 is a very, very good light! You did it again. The beam and colors are great"

      Nitzan Dagan
      SWIS - Solar WIreless Lights Ltd.

    • "All at Astera are really good to deal with. I hope to extend my line this year"

      Greg Hodges
      Creative Uplighting

    • "Astera’s products and technology really blow my mind! I feel that with Astera products my company jumped a few steps ahead of the competition."

      Nitzan Dagan
      SWIS - Solar Wireless Lights Ltd.

    • "At the stand of Astera, I found some pretty interesting wireless LED lighting systems. They offer inflatable LED structures, balls, cubes, even table stretch covers. You can remote-control the speed and color of the LED lighting."

      Michael Heipel