Welcome to Astera

Astera was founded and is managed by engineers. The same engineers that founded Astera still strive to deliver the best technology to its customers. Astera was the pioneer of wireless event lighting, and we have remained years ahead of the competition ever since we released the first battery-powered and remote controlled lights in 2007. We are dedicated to our investment in R&D, which has propelled us to the technological heights that we encounter in today’s wireless LED market. While principal development still takes place in Germany, Astera manages its own ISO9001 certified production facility in Shenzhen, China. With German management and the highest quality standards, Astera is able to retain its place as the go-to option for professional wireless lighting.

Award-winning Innovation

Astera is the leading innovator of battery-powered, remote controlled LED lights, and no other producer includes as many features, as much brightness, and as many renowned components into their lighting products as Astera. At the center of the wireless product range is the AsteraApp™; a nifty control app that can be used to effortlessly control or send settings to lights, which saves valuable time during an event. Astera has set the standard within the industry, and are used by many, from rental and production companies to caterers and mobile DJs.

Further to wireless event lights, Astera also develops and manufactures architectural lighting solutions and operates as an ODM manufacturer for other brands.

Our Mission

To revolutionize wireless lighting and showcase truly exceptional uses for light. We aim to increase the possibilities for event lighting, and create simple processes to deliver breathtaking event illumination, while also excelling at continuous improvement, constant innovation, and unparalleled customer service.

A Decade in the Making

Astera has come a long way since its roots in Germany as an ODM manufacturer for other brands. In 2003, electrical engineer Norbert Ernst was commissioned to design and manufacture a rechargeable LED light display for brands Xellent Swiss Vodka and Smirnoff Ice. Today, Astera has over 80 employees; offices in Europe and Asia; repair centers in the USA, Germany, and China; multiple dealers and rental outlets worldwide; and a comprehensive range of event products in its wireless division.

Management Team